Personal Touch CDPAP - the leading provider of Consumer Directed Care.

Benefits of Personal-Touch CDPAP

Peace of Mind

With Personal-touch CDPAP you can ensure your loved one is safe, you know who is caring for them.

No Cost to you!

CDPAP is a Medicaid program, which means no cost to you (the beneficiary) of the home care services. The individual receiving care must be on Medicaid and be eligible for home care. 

Who can be my Caregiver under the CDPAP?

Q: Can my child get paid to care for me?

A: Yes. Parents can hire their children to be paid family caregivers.

Q: Can my husband get paid to take care of me?

A: No. Spouses cannot hire one another as their paid caregiver through CDPAP.

Q: Can parents get paid for taking care of their children?

A: Sometimes. Children aged 21 or older can choose their parents to be their paid caregiver. Children younger than 21 cannot choose their parents to be their paid caregiver.‍

Q: Can my sibling get paid to care for me?

A: Yes. CDPAP consumers can choose their siblings to be their paid caregiver.

No special license or certifications are required!

Anyone you (the consumer) chooses to be a CDPAP Personal Assistant can qualify. The caregiver does not need any prior education or certification.